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The Keeper Arts Studio

... a place where it all begins...

The Keeper Arts Studio is a place every artist and crafter can find something to do.
Great light for the artists to catch, big wide room with separate work stations, equipped crafters' room, some space to rest and enjoy your cup of tea or coffee, as well as a shop to purchase materials you might need.

Whatever project you have in mind, come to the Keeper Arts Studio to fulfill it! We will give you the creative space and tools.
Your imagination will do the rest!

Shop on the spot
Take a look at the available items in the Keeper Arts Studio Shop!
Anything you might need to use in the Studio to bring your ideas to life. Starting with the small beads and other small elements up to the different tools, paints and other artistic supplies, accessories and finished deco items.
Click the SHOP tab above to take a look at some items we have available in the Keeper Arts on-line shop.
Let us know if there is something specific you need - we will do our best to deliver that to you.
If you need it, you can find it in the Keeper Arts Studio shop
Need an office of time-to-time working space? Come to the Keeper Arts Studio for comfortable co-working!
Work on your project, arrange for a meeting with your collegues or clients, have presentations and seminars or just use the change of scenery for additional inspiration. 
Comfortable creative co-working space is at your disposal!
As well as coffee and coockies! 
Crafting space
Have some creative ideas? Don't be affraid to get dirty!
At the Keeper Arts Studio crafting space you are able to do whatever you need. Get on to the sawing, woodturning, drilling, casting, etc. Use wood, stone, glass, cement, epoxy or any other material. We provide you with all the necessary tools and space for your creativity!
If it is possible in your imagination, it's possible at the Keeper Arts Studio
Creative space
Come to the Keeper Arts Studio creative space and unlish your inner artist!
Comfortable space with great light and separate workstation reserved only for you.
Rearrange your personal space: choose your tools to work with, choose and arrange your table to the most comfortable position. 
Come alone to meditate over your art or bring some friends for some quality together time.
Relax, create and grow with the Keeper Arts Studio!
Sell with the Keeper Arts
Are you an artist or a crafter looking to offer your creations to a wider audience?
Keeper Arts might be able to help you. We can place your item in our on-line store or accept it for sale in our Studio shop. 
Contact us to recieve further details

The Keeper Arts

Thank you for visiting the Keeper Arts page! We carefully select the items for sail, we process and manufacture the special supplies for floristics, hobby and DIY, as well as make personal orders. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to assist! Have a nice and creative day!